The 8 Political Personalities

Which political personality do you relate to the most?
Utopian Virtuoso My Political Personality

Utopian Virtuoso

Strives for perfection, and has an inborn sense of idealism and morality.

Social Guardian My Political Personality Test

Social Guardian

Believe in the good of others and passively guard social order and rights.

Astute Logician My Political Personality

Astute Logician

Grounded in reality and are known for their unique perspectives and vigorous intellect.

Stalwart Nationalist My Political Personality

Stalwart Nationalist

Project confidence, charisma, and authority to achieve the political ends they’ve set for themselves.

Justice Warrior My Political Personality

Justice Warrior

Natural-born leaders who are unafraid to stand up for the people and ideas they believe in.

Freedom Steward My Political Personality

Freedom Steward

Autonomous individuals who value personal freedom and choice above all else.

Growth Capitalist My Political Personality

Growth Capitalist

Savvy champions of economic growth with a keen sense for maximizing wealth.

Civic Observer My Political Personality

Civic Observer

Open and practically-minded citizens who generally stay out of the political spotlight.