Stalwart Nationalist

You are a determined and assertive nationalist fighting for tradition.

Stalwart Nationalists are loyalists who harness hard-hearted rationality to promote their values at all costs. You respect law, authority, and tradition – often with a ‘winner-takes-all’ mentality. With an America-first mindset, you believe that protecting traditional American values and high economic growth are the country’s top priorities. Unafraid to speak your mind, you let everyone know how you feel.

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Active Conservative

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You project confidence, charisma, and authority more than any other political personality type. As a matter of fact, when you are inspired, you are easily able to lead and guide others around a common cause with your sharp demeanor and self-confidence. 

Being strong-willed and efficient, you are also known for your “my way or the highway” type of mentality that often upsets emotional personality types. That’s because you are unafraid to say what you believe to be true. If you disagree with someone, you are likely to let them know it immediately.

Others may see you as insensitive or overly practical, but this doesn’t stop you from saying or achieving what you believe to be right. You can be a little uncanny in how you achieve your goals, but you don’t care, as long as the job gets done. In politics, you are most likely to support causes that revolve around tradition, faith, and job opportunity.

Top Values

As a Stalwart Nationalist, your top values focus around protective nationalism and exceptionalism, even at the expense of broader social norms and programs. Policies should be optimized for maximizing domestic jobs with limited oversight.

Maximize jobs

You rely on the economy to be working as it should, with the max number of jobs.

Protective nationalism

Traditional American values and faith should be protected at all costs.

Limited oversight

Businesses and individuals should be free to pursue their goals without gov intervention.

National security

Policies should be prioritized to protect America’s domestic and global interests.

Political Traits

Using MPP’s trait and engagement criteria, your personality match as a Stalwart Nationalist shows higher levels of political engagement and value assertiveness. This means that you aren’t afraid to publicly voice your opinions, even if it upsets others or comes across as controversial.  You tend to be very steadfast in your beliefs, meaning that your views aren’t easily changed by new information.

Political Engagement80%
Political Engagement

Political engagement measures the amount you actively engage in politics via socialization, reading/writing content, or actively engaging in civic affairs.


Idealism measures your outlook on the future.  Those who are optimistic tend to see the good in others and have positive hope for humanity, whereas those who are pessimistic tend to be realists and darwinists.

Change Appetite30%
Status Quo
Major Reform
Change Appetite

Change appetite measures whether you would prefer things stay the same or if you want them to change (e.g reform).

Decision Making Process35%
Emotional reasoning
Analytical reasoning
Decision-Making Process

Your decision-making process is measured on a scale of emotional dominant to analytical dominant reasoning.  Emotional dominant reasoning means you are likely to go with your gut, whereas analytical dominant reasoning mostly relies on pure logic and facts.


Agreeableness measures how likely you are to be receptive to feedback and different opinions. People who are more close-minded tend to holdfast to their beliefs, whereas those who are open-minded tend to welcome different perspectives.

Value Assertiveness90%
Very Assertive
Value Assertiveness

Value assertiveness measures how actively you project your values and opinions onto others.  Those who are passive tend to keep to themselves, whereas those who are very assertive tend to openly advocate for their beliefs.

Your Ideal Society

An ideal world for you is one where traditional values, institutions, and religious rights help drive social and economic policy. You believe that people should toughen up, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and not wait for government to come in and save the day.

The role of government should be to promote the free market and let businesses do what they want.  Ideally, government would not fund large social safety nets, but would rely on the private market to fill those demand gaps.

You would thrive in a society where you can speak your mind openly without fear of hurting someone’s feelings or coming across as offensive.  You believe that you should be able to ‘tell it like it is’ and if people don’t like it, then that’s their problem.

Spring Church

Party Alignment

Political Party Alignment
Party Priorities

Policy Priorities

Social Healthcare15%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Healthcare

Social healthcare refers to prioritizing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including mental healthcare.

Environmental Health10%
Low Priority
High Priority
Environmental Health

Environmental health prioritizes issues like global warming, environmental regulations, and clean energy.

Wealth Maximization80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization refers to prioritizing policies that maximize economic, asset, and business growth.

Immigration Rights10%
Low Priority
High Priority
Immigration Rights

Immigration rights refers to prioritizing policies around immigration reform, border reform, or a path to citizenship.

Social Equality30%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Equality

Social equality prioritizes policies that tend to support minority, women, and LGBTQ rights, including freedom of expression in all forms.

Education Reform60%
Low Priority
High Priority
Education Reform

Education reform prioritizes policies that support K-12 education, after-school programs, and college access/affordability.

Religious Fundamentals95%
Low Priority
High Priority
Religious Fundamentals

Religious fundamentals are policy prioritizes that focus on promoting and protecting religious values.

Amicable Global Relations10%
Low Priority
High Priority
Amicable Global Relations

Amicable global relations encompasses policies that promote international cooperation, migration, aid, and globalism.

Law and Regulation40%
Low Priority
High Priority
Law and Regulation

Law and regulation focuses on policies that uphold social order, government oversight, and criminal justice.



Your decision-making is grounded in reality, not in emotional reasoning.


You project confidence in everything that you do. 


You are easily able to persuade others to your line of thinking.


You stand up for what you believe in and let others know it. 



You may look down on others who see things differently than you do.


You may come across as too practical and not empathetic to emotional causes.


You stick to your guns even if in the face of new evidence or facts.

Closed off

Others can have a hard time understanding or reaching you.

Stalwart Nationalist Power-Ups

Register to vote to exercise your voice

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Join or start a non-profit

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Run for local or national office

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Rally your peers for your ideal vision

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Future Fulfillment

Activated Stalwart Nationalists are known for being good team-builders and look for people who can help them achieve their dreams and ambitions. For Stalwart Nationalists looking to get involved or run for political office, it is best for them to build a team of like-minded individuals who can help them and support them achieve their goals.

If this personality type is unafraid to speak their mind, they can draw big crowds and find the right people to achieve their means. Their projected confidence helps rally people around a cause and can often help policies succeed in a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

Faith and value-driven, Stalwart Nationalists will find purpose upholding traditional and faith-based American values, ensuring that American supremacy is top-of-mind for all.

Stalwart Nationalist - My Political Personality
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