Civic Observer

You are a champion of moderation, reason, and tolerance.

Civic Observers like to stay out of the political spotlight, while still being open to new information from trusted friends or family. Generally good-natured, you are able to see the good and potential in people and events. Though you tend not to publicly campaign, you believe in sustainable and balanced policies for the economy, social programs, and environmental health.

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Though you’re kindhearted and want what is best for everyone, you try not to get too involved with the day-to-day political arena.  All the news, rhetoric, and fighting is tiresome and overwhelming, so it’s easiest just to block it out and focus on your day-to-day.

You’re able to form close relationships with those you trust and can generally rely on close confidants to help guide your values and decisions.  When a political argument starts, you try to stay out of it until you feel threatened directly enough to respond.

Though you stay out of direct political engagement, you do care about social justice, economic prosperity for all, and an economy that balances growth with sustainability.  Balance is important to you, especially when it comes to family, friends, and your day-to-day interactions.

Top Values

As a civic observer, you promote balanced prosperity insofar as economic and social systems should work for everyone (if you play by the rules).  Sustainable economic and environmental systems are critical for ensuring a high quality of life.

Balanced prosperity

Economic and social systems should work for everyone.

Health and social justice

People should have affordable access to healthcare and social programs.


Every person, politician, and company should be treated fairly and held accountable.

Sustainable education

Affordable and well-funded education is essential for global sustainability.

Political Traits

Using MPP’s trait and engagement criteria, your personality match as a Civic Observer shows lower levels of political engagement and value assertiveness.  This not necessarily a negative, it just means that you tend to keep to yourself when it comes to politics and don’t overly assert your values onto others.  When it comes to decision-making, you’ll occasionally make political decisions (like who to vote for) based on your gut feelings, rather than in-depth research.

Political Engagement30%
Political Engagement

Political engagement measures the amount you actively engage in politics via socialization, reading/writing content, or actively engaging in civic affairs.


Idealism measures your outlook on the future.  Those who are optimistic tend to see the good in others and have positive hope for humanity, whereas those who are pessimistic tend to be realists and darwinists.

Change Appetite50%
Status Quo
Major Reform
Change Appetite

Change appetite measures whether you would prefer things stay the same or if you want them to change (e.g reform).

Decision Making Process40%
Emotional reasoning
Analytical reasoning
Decision-Making Process

Your decision-making process is measured on a scale of emotional dominant to analytical dominant reasoning.  Emotional dominant reasoning means you are likely to go with your gut, whereas analytical dominant reasoning mostly relies on pure logic and facts.


Agreeableness measures how likely you are to be receptive to feedback and different opinions. People who are more close-minded tend to holdfast to their beliefs, whereas those who are open-minded tend to welcome different perspectives.

Value Assertiveness20%
Very Assertive
Value Assertiveness

Value assertiveness measures how actively you project your values and opinions onto others.  Those who are passive tend to keep to themselves, whereas those who are very assertive tend to openly advocate for their beliefs.

Your Ideal Society

You thrive in a world where you can be yourself and trust that those in power will do what’s best for you, your friends, and your family.  You understand that this isn’t always the case, so you will engage in politics when you feel threatened or when your livelihood is on the line.

Preferably, you’d enjoy a world where you don’t have to worry about all the complexities of globalism, economic trade policies, and social systems.  You just want things to work and want people in power who will look out for your best interests by making reasonable decisions using facts and logic.

Trying to stay up-to-date on politics and world events is time-consuming, and often it’s very difficult to do.  Ideally, you’ll excel in a society where elected officials promote social justice, balanced & moderate reform, and balanced economic growth.

Party Alignment

Civic Observers are typically aligned with the platform, values, and pro-social rights leanings of the Democratic Party.

Political Party Alignment
Party Priorities

Policy Priorities

Social Healthcare80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Healthcare

Social healthcare refers to prioritizing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including mental healthcare.

Environmental Health80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Environmental Health

Environmental health prioritizes issues like global warming, environmental regulations, and clean energy.

Wealth Maximization60%
Low Priority
High Priority
Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization refers to prioritizing policies that maximize economic, asset, and business growth.

Immigration Rights60%
Low Priority
High Priority
Immigration Rights

Immigration rights refers to prioritizing policies around immigration reform, border reform, or a path to citizenship.

Social Equality80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Equality

Social equality prioritizes policies that tend to support minority, women, and LGBTQ rights, including freedom of expression in all forms.

Education Reform80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Education Reform

Education reform prioritizes policies that support K-12 education, after-school programs, and college access/affordability.

Religious Fundamentals30%
Low Priority
High Priority
Religious Fundamentals

Religious fundamentals are policy prioritizes that focus on promoting and protecting religious values.

Amicable Global Relations80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Amicable Global Relations

Amicable global relations encompasses policies that promote international cooperation, migration, aid, and globalism.

Law and Regulation70%
Low Priority
High Priority
Law and Regulation

Law and regulation focuses on policies that uphold social order, government oversight, and criminal justice.



You are easily able to empathize with others and want what is best.

Balanced perspective

You’re able to see both sides of every issue and respond well to facts.

Forward looking

You’re able to move past differences and see future potential.


You are patient and neighborly, especially with those you’re closest to.



People with strong opinions can sometimes overpower your beliefs.


You’re easily turned off from politics, letting others decide things for you.

Susceptible to spin

You may hear false info from others and assume it to be true without research.


You tend to ‘not care’ about politics, making it hard to make a difference.

Civic Observer Power-Ups

Register to vote to exercise your voice

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Join or start a non-profit

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Run for local or national office

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Rally your peers for your ideal vision

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Future Fulfillment

You derive fulfillment out of living a meaningful day-to-day life without being distracted by political quarreling. Personal relationships are very important to you, so you try not to start political debates with friends and family unless you’re challenged directly.

Civic Observers are often surprised by how much their voice matters.  Though you may be unsure what cause to latch on to, you’ll feel most fulfilled by finding a campaign that allows you to create strong intimate relationships with others.  Typically, you’ll find causes around social justice, economic fairness, and sustainability to be the most rewarding.

Though primarily focused internally, your energy and passion can easily excite others when you truly believe in something.  Hence, Civic Observers are often underestimated in the political arena, but they’ll show up when the time is right.

Civic Observer - My Political Personality
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