Freedom Steward

You are an independent spirit who champions individual autonomy.

Freedom Stewards value privacy, autonomy, and are generally distrustful of the political order. You feel that the world would be better off if people just took care of themselves and didn’t rely on government institutions.  You prefer to keep to yourself, rather than engage in public political campaigns.  Generally a hard worker, you pave your own way and just want the government to stay out of it.

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You cherish full autonomy and individual freedom. You can’t stand when there are rules and regulations that prevent you from making decisions that you feel are best.  Likewise, you’re skeptical of those in power because you feel they are only out there to serve themselves.  How can they know what’s best for you?

Politics isn’t really your thing. You don’t try to actively engage in the political arena unless someone comes along and tries to infringe upon your values.  You try not to start political fights with others because you just want to focus on pursuing your own life.

Just because you value individuality doesn’t mean you don’t care about others.  You do care, but everyone should be responsible for taking care of themselves.  Individuals and businesses should be free to pursue their goals without excessive regulation or intervention from authorities.

Top Values

As a Freedom Steward,  your top values center around autonomy and self-determination, wanting the government to stay out of your day to day life decisions as much as possible.  You still have a humanistic view and value individuality.


People should be free to make their own decisions without interference.


We should be free to choose our own associations and allegiances.


Everyone should be able to be themselves, so long as they keep to themselves.

Free markets

Little to no regulation will allow economic markets to flourish.

Political Traits

Using MPP’s trait and engagement criteria, your personality match as a Freedom Steward shows lower levels of political engagement, idealism, change appetite, and agreeableness.  These aren’t necessarily negatives, they just mean that you prefer to stay your own course when it comes to politics and not overly engage in public displays unless you’re passionate in doing so.  You tend to stick to your ideals and have no problem asserting those values when challenged directly.

Political Engagement30%
Political Engagement

Political engagement measures the amount you actively engage in politics via socialization, reading/writing content, or actively engaging in civic affairs.


Idealism measures your outlook on the future.  Those who are optimistic tend to see the good in others and have positive hope for humanity, whereas those who are pessimistic tend to be realists and darwinists.

Change Appetite20%
Status Quo
Major Reform
Change Appetite

Change appetite measures whether you would prefer things stay the same or if you want them to change (e.g reform).

Decision Making Process50%
Emotional reasoning
Analytical reasoning
Decision-Making Process

Your decision-making process is measured on a scale of emotional dominant to analytical dominant reasoning.  Emotional dominant reasoning means you are likely to go with your gut, whereas analytical dominant reasoning mostly relies on pure logic and facts.


Agreeableness measures how likely you are to be receptive to feedback and different opinions. People who are more close-minded tend to holdfast to their beliefs, whereas those who are open-minded tend to welcome different perspectives.

Value Assertiveness60%
Very Assertive
Value Assertiveness

Value assertiveness measures how actively you project your values and opinions onto others.  Those who are passive tend to keep to themselves, whereas those who are very assertive tend to openly advocate for their beliefs.

Your Ideal Society

Your ideal society is one where you have the means and autonomy to own your own property and determine what is best for you, your friends, and your family — without much government intervention.  You do understand that government has a role, but that role should be limited.  Peace, security, and global policies should not unduly encroach on personal liberty.

The political arena is tiring to follow.  You may follow a few political sources, but you try not to actively engage in politics unless you feel like your livelihood is immediately threatened.  Ideally, government should be made of a few key leaders, with clear platforms, and simple laws that protect individuality.

The government should not fund massive social programs or force private companies to act certain ways, as this is encroaching on liberty.  The ideal society allows people to thrive if they work hard enough and look out for themselves.

Party Alignment

Political Party Alignment
Party Priorities

Policy Priorities

Social Healthcare20%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Healthcare

Social healthcare refers to prioritizing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including mental healthcare.

Environmental Health30%
Low Priority
High Priority
Environmental Health

Environmental health prioritizes issues like global warming, environmental regulations, and clean energy.

Wealth Maximization70%
Low Priority
High Priority
Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization refers to prioritizing policies that maximize economic, asset, and business growth.

Immigration Rights15%
Low Priority
High Priority
Immigration Rights

Immigration rights refers to prioritizing policies around immigration reform, border reform, or a path to citizenship.

Social Equality15%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Equality

Social equality prioritizes policies that tend to support minority, women, and LGBTQ rights, including freedom of expression in all forms.

Education Reform40%
Low Priority
High Priority
Education Reform

Education reform prioritizes policies that support K-12 education, after-school programs, and college access/affordability.

Religious Fundamentals70%
Low Priority
High Priority
Religious Fundamentals

Religious fundamentals are policy prioritizes that focus on promoting and protecting religious values.

Amicable Global Relations20%
Low Priority
High Priority
Amicable Global Relations

Amicable global relations encompasses policies that promote international cooperation, migration, aid, and globalism.

Law and Regulation10%
Low Priority
High Priority
Law and Regulation

Law and regulation focuses on policies that uphold social order, government oversight, and criminal justice.


Hard working

You pave your own way and work hard to achieve your goals.


You’re able to live independently without relying on others.


You’re passionate about your beliefs and way of life.

Rights protector

You fight for individual rights to be protected.



Your strong-willed nature may come across as inflexible or stubborn.

Social apathy

Focusing on the individual may leave others behind who need help.

Politically indifferent

You’re easily turned off by the political process and try to stay out of it.


Complete freedom and liberty may have unintended consequences.

Freedom Steward Power-Ups

Register to vote to exercise your voice

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Join or start a non-profit

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Run for local or national office

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Rally your peers for your ideal vision

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Future Fulfillment

You derive fulfillment out of crafting a life for yourself that maximizes autonomy and self-determination. You feel that politics and regulations are unnecessary distractions from leading a happy life. Your strong independence allows you to fight for your dreams without relying on others to make it happen for you.

You’d typically prefer to live off the grid than on the grid.  A dream of yours is to own land or property where you can make your own rules and live by your own values.  Traditions are important, so long as the state doesn’t impose those traditions on you.

In the political arena, you try to stay out of politics because you’re genuinely distrustful of the role of government, both domestically and internationally. Making a difference is probably easier for you at a local level than a national level, so Freedom Stewards tend to run for local office to further their cause.

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