Justice Warrior

You are a champion of change who fights for progress.

Justice Warriors are genuinely caring individuals who radiate authenticity and altruism. Never one to back down from a fight, you are known for being a catalyst for change, but are always reasonable, honest, and respectful in approach.  You are generally a natural leader, able to rally people around causes you truly believe in, like social justice, government accountability, and education.

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Progressive Fighter

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You are full of confidence and are known to be a passionate individual who wants to create a better future. Your idealism and strong personality makes you unafraid to stand up for your beliefs and fight for others, even if they are not ready to fight for themselves yet. 

While you have strong opinions, you would never bully or mislead someone. In fact, if trained, you can be a strong communicator who is able to explain an idea in a way that can inspire others, whether it be through logic or emotion. This makes you one of the best personality types to debate with. While you listen to others, you demand that the discussion be reasonable, honest, and respectful. You are known for being tolerant until someone crosses a line, but you can still retain your sense of self even in the midst of conflict. 

You are a big believer in the good and the power of the people (almost to a fault) and take pride in helping others become the best form of themselves. This makes you the perfect politician and community organizer because you are able to create movements that bring everyone into the political fold.

Top Values

As a Justice Warrior, your values center around the protection of human rights, healthcare access, and environmental sustainability.  Economic and social policy decisions should promote these values and ensure that there is justice for all.

Healthcare access

Access to affordable healthcare is essential.

Protect equal rights

Everyone should have their personal rights protected.


Economic and environmental policies should prioritize sustainability.

Justice for all

Every person and company should be treated fairly and held accountable.

Political Traits

Using MPP’s trait and engagement criteria, your personality match as a Justice Warrior shows high levels of value assertiveness, optimism, and change appetite.  This means that you are a steadfast champion of reform for the greater good. You’re not afraid of change, and in fact, you welcome it.   You’re still open to new information, but those who have opposing views need to substantiate their beliefs before you will buy in.

Political Engagement70%
Political Engagement

Political engagement measures the amount you actively engage in politics via socialization, reading/writing content, or actively engaging in civic affairs.


Idealism measures your outlook on the future.  Those who are optimistic tend to see the good in others and have positive hope for humanity, whereas those who are pessimistic tend to be realists and darwinists.

Change Appetite80%
Status Quo
Major Reform
Change Appetite

Change appetite measures whether you would prefer things stay the same or if you want them to change (e.g reform).

Decision Making Process50%
Emotional reasoning
Analytical reasoning
Decision-Making Process

Your decision-making process is measured on a scale of emotional dominant to analytical dominant reasoning.  Emotional dominant reasoning means you are likely to go with your gut, whereas analytical dominant reasoning mostly relies on pure logic and facts.


Agreeableness measures how likely you are to be receptive to feedback and different opinions. People who are more close-minded tend to holdfast to their beliefs, whereas those who are open-minded tend to welcome different perspectives.

Value Assertiveness90%
Very Assertive
Value Assertiveness

Value assertiveness measures how actively you project your values and opinions onto others.  Those who are passive tend to keep to themselves, whereas those who are very assertive tend to openly advocate for their beliefs.

Your Ideal Society

Your ideal society would lead the way to greatness and prosperity for all. Everyone would have an equal say at the table and be given the resources like healthcare and a good working wage to make sure that they can get to where they want to go in life.

Your society would not accept limitations of a single system, but try to fix them by changing it or making it anew. The government would fight back against economic inequality and make sure businesses are held accountable for their actions.

This society would inspire and empower people to change their world. This society would recognize the importance of communities and partnerships to protect people’s rights, but also be used to combat climate change and other worldly problems.

Justice scales for justice warrior

Party Alignment

Justice Warriors are most often aligned with the platform, social values, and pro-science leanings of the Democratic Party.

Political Party Alignment
Party Priorities

Policy Priorities

Social Healthcare90%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Healthcare

Social healthcare refers to prioritizing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including mental healthcare.

Environmental Health90%
Low Priority
High Priority
Environmental Health

Environmental health prioritizes issues like global warming, environmental regulations, and clean energy.

Wealth Maximization20%
Low Priority
High Priority
Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization refers to prioritizing policies that maximize economic, asset, and business growth.

Immigration Rights70%
Low Priority
High Priority
Immigration Rights

Immigration rights refers to prioritizing policies around immigration reform, border reform, or a path to citizenship.

Social Equality85%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Equality

Social equality prioritizes policies that tend to support minority, women, and LGBTQ rights, including freedom of expression in all forms.

Education Reform80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Education Reform

Education reform prioritizes policies that support K-12 education, after-school programs, and college access/affordability.

Religious Fundamentals30%
Low Priority
High Priority
Religious Fundamentals

Religious fundamentals are policy prioritizes that focus on promoting and protecting religious values.

Amicable Global Relations85%
Low Priority
High Priority
Amicable Global Relations

Amicable global relations encompasses policies that promote international cooperation, migration, aid, and globalism.

Law and Regulation85%
Low Priority
High Priority
Law and Regulation

Law and regulation focuses on policies that uphold social order, government oversight, and criminal justice.



Others know that they can trust you and are drawn to you. 


You have a way with words that can inspire others.


You are a frequent giver, and often feel the need to donate to charity.


You care about what’s going on and making a noticeable difference.



You are vulnerable to strong criticism, and it can stay with you for days.

Too Selfless

You tend to overpromise, and this can disappoint others when you fail to meet them.

Need a cause

You heavily dislike dull tasks and need something to believe in to remain motivated.  

Overly Optimistic

You assume the best in people and can be caught off guard by their behavoir.

Justice Warrior Power-Ups

Register to vote to exercise your voice

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Join or start a non-profit

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Run for local or national office

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Rally your peers for your ideal vision

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Future Fulfillment

You work best when you are able to lead others to improve themselves or the world, which means you work best in leadership and management positions. Not only can you mentor and inspire others, you can lead the charge on the idea or pursuit you care about most. 

If you are interested in getting active in politics, you would find the most fulfillment out of community organizing. While the work may not seem glamorous, the results can have a serious impact on an election and may even put you in a position to achieve more in the ideas and pursuits you believe in.

Justice warriors feel most fulfilled when they are actively engaged in a cause they truly believe in. These causes typically involve social equality, legal accountability for all persons/companies, and a holistic economic system.   Environmental causes and sustainability are also top of mind, and truly demonstrate that you’re a global fighter for the greater good.

Justice Warrior - My Political Personality
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