Astute Logician

You are a champion of science, logic, and pragmatism.

Astute Logicians are grounded in reality and are known for their unique perspectives and vigorous intellect. With a deep analytical mind, you can methodically solve political problems using objective reasoning and expert analysis.  Though not a public campaigner, you strongly advocate for sustainable economic growth, government accountability, and science-first education.

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Astute Logicians are grounded in reality and are known for their unique perspectives and vigorous intellect. They always approach a problem methodically and with a clear logical rationale.  Expert analysis and science feed their analytical decision-making.

Astute logicians can often be annoyed by those who don’t see the world as it is. Yes, while the world would be better if we could achieve certain dreams, it is not always practical.

It can be hard for this personality type to engage in politics when the majority of the discussion revolves around feelings and impracticality. While they strive for the general good for everyone, Astute Logicians feel that all decisions must be made methodically and logically.

Top Values

As an Astute Logician, your top values center around science-driven decision-making and promoting stability in economic systems.  For justice, you believe that every person and company should be treated equally under the law and held accountable.

Lean Social Safety

Efficient, well-regulated social programs are essential for prosperity.

Science-Driven Decisions

Civic decisions should be driven by fact and research, not politics or religion.

Balanced Justice

Every person and company should be equally under the law and held accountable.

Economic Stability

Economic policy should balance growth with global & social concerns.

Political Traits

Using MPP’s trait and engagement criteria, your personality match as an Astute Logician shows moderate levels of political engagement, idealism, and change appetite.  You have extremely high marks for analytical reasoning and agreeableness, meaning that you are generally open to new information and tend to make fact-based decisions.  Overall, you tend not to assert your values onto others and prefer reasonable discussions about facts and figures.

Political Engagement60%
Political Engagement

Political engagement measures the amount you actively engage in politics via socialization, reading/writing content, or actively engaging in civic affairs.


Idealism measures your outlook on the future.  Those who are optimistic tend to see the good in others and have positive hope for humanity, whereas those who are pessimistic tend to be realists and darwinists.

Change Appetite60%
Status Quo
Major Reform
Change Appetite

Change appetite measures whether you would prefer things stay the same or if you want them to change (e.g reform).

Decision Making Process95%
Emotional reasoning
Analytical reasoning
Decision-Making Process

Your decision-making process is measured on a scale of emotional dominant to analytical dominant reasoning.  Emotional dominant reasoning means you are likely to go with your gut, whereas analytical dominant reasoning mostly relies on pure logic and facts.


Agreeableness measures how likely you are to be receptive to feedback and different opinions. People who are more close-minded tend to holdfast to their beliefs, whereas those who are open-minded tend to welcome different perspectives.

Value Assertiveness40%
Very Assertive
Value Assertiveness

Value assertiveness measures how actively you project your values and opinions onto others.  Those who are passive tend to keep to themselves, whereas those who are very assertive tend to openly advocate for their beliefs.

Your Ideal Society

You thrive most in a world where political decisions are driven by science, logic, and reason — not emotions, religious traditions, or unfounded opinions. A world where scientists, professors, and various experts drive policies that not only benefit the greater good, but can balance both short and long-term tradeoffs. If there’s a world where we just optimize for the short-run, then we’ll risk long-term socio-economic health.

Ideally, politicians and political parties should focus on issues that are assessed with highly analytical, fact-based decision-making.  All of the political theater is draining for you to watch.  You just want the best decisions to be made by the best people, and for those people to be held accountable.

A pragmatic society is one that serves people the best, while balancing growth and scarce environmental resources.  While we should help those who need it, we should also reward those who work hard and play by the rules.  This means that society should prioritize funding for education, career-development programs, and scientific research.  For you, America’s global competitive advantage is its creative genius and entrepreneurialism.

Party Alignment

Astute Logicians are typically aligned with the platform, values, and pro-science leanings of the Democratic Party.


Political Party Alignment
Party Priorities

Policy Priorities

Social Healthcare75%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Healthcare

Social healthcare refers to prioritizing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, including mental healthcare.

Environmental Health80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Environmental Health

Environmental health prioritizes issues like global warming, environmental regulations, and clean energy.

Wealth Maximization60%
Low Priority
High Priority
Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization refers to prioritizing policies that maximize economic, asset, and business growth.

Immigration Rights60%
Low Priority
High Priority
Immigration Rights

Immigration rights refers to prioritizing policies around immigration reform, border reform, or a path to citizenship.

Social Equality80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Social Equality

Social equality prioritizes policies that tend to support minority, women, and LGBTQ rights, including freedom of expression in all forms.

Education Reform95%
Low Priority
High Priority
Education Reform

Education reform prioritizes policies that support K-12 education, after-school programs, and college access/affordability.

Religious Fundamentals30%
Low Priority
High Priority
Religious Fundamentals

Religious fundamentals are policy prioritizes that focus on promoting and protecting religious values.

Amicable Global Relations80%
Low Priority
High Priority
Amicable Global Relations

Amicable global relations encompasses policies that promote international cooperation, migration, aid, and globalism.

Law and Regulation85%
Low Priority
High Priority
Law and Regulation

Law and regulation focuses on policies that uphold social order, government oversight, and criminal justice.


Inquisitive Intellect

You always seek to understand ‘why’ and ask the right questions.

Grounded in Reality

Your scientific approach ensures decisions are realistic and well-measured.


You are able to see things how they are and rarely let emotions get in the way.

Balanced Heart & Mind

Your enjoy engaging in compassionate discussions for the greater good.


Overly Analytical

You may come across as too factual and not empathetic to emotional causes.

Political Burnout

When things get too political, you may get turned off and disengage.


While you enjoy logical conversations, you may not publicly fight for your values.


You may look down on others who make pure emotional or religious decisions.

Astute Logician Power-Ups

Register to vote to exercise your voice

Ensure you’re registered to vote either in person or by mail. You matter.

Join or start a non-profit think tank

A think tank is body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems.

Run for local or national office

Promote decision-making for the greater good using research, data, and analysis.

Champion a scientific cause you believe in

You make your voice heard and you influence the masses.

Future Fulfillment

You derive fulfillment from solving tough problems using your analytical mind and sharp intellect.  There’s nothing better than making the right fact-based decision which always serves the greater good.

Your personality is also suited for logic-based careers like engineering, medicine, law, science, and higher education, where you can find others to intellectually challenge you.

For ultimate fulfillment, you can engage in the political arena by supporting campaigns with your research, data, and expertise.  Other Astute Logicians will rally around your values if you engage in a healthy, methodical dialogue.  You are the key to making politics less about what people feel is right or wrong, but rather what is fundamentally best for the greater good in the long-run.

Astute Logician My Political Personality
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