4 Easy Ways To Campaign Remotely

Support your favorite political campaign from the comfort of your own home, at your own time.

Updated August 1, 2021 by Jeffrey, Principal Editor

Remote campaign - vote

1. Call or text for a campaign

Every campaign needs virtual volunteers to help call and text supporters to get out the vote. Just go to your favorite campaign or politician’s website and look for a button that allows you to join the campaign as a volunteer. 

From there, follow the directions they provide, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Most campaigns don’t require virtual volunteers to work a certain amount of hours. So it’s up to you when you want to volunteer. 

Texting or calling makes you nervous? Don’t worry; these activities are completely anonymous. And for most people, it’s their first time volunteering too, so you won’t be alone.

2. Register to act on behalf of a political party

Are you a democrat? Register here. A republican? Register here. Looking for something different? Here’s an established list of political parties.

A political party can help keep you in the loop on what’s happening locally and nationally. They can help direct you to digital virtual events and fundraisers where you can best support your campaign of choice. 

Select mail-in voting absentee ballot

3. Join Tech For Campaigns

Are you a content creator? Data analyst? Engineer? Well, Tech for Campaigns needs you! 

Tech for Campaigns brings in best-in-class talent and technology to political campaigns. All you have to do is sign up and tell them your skill sets, which they will use to match you with a political campaign. 

It is a maximum 5-hour investment every week, so it doesn’t take too much time out of your day, and you can help make a difference in the process.

register to mail in absentee vote

4. Promote campaigns on social media

Looking to campaign on your own time? You can do that — via social media! You can support political campaigns and politicians online by tweeting, liking, and sharing your support with others.

You can even create local Facebook groups with your friends and family to show support for a candidate. Or join an online group for a campaign and make your voice heard there. You can also donate money to campaigns and try to get others to do so as well. It may sound simple, but you may help motivate someone else to get involved in the political process.

However, make sure to vote when the time comes—all that promoting on social media littles if you don’t vote in the end.

You are an inspiration for others. Thank you!

Now, go be heroic and take control over your future.

Remote campaign - vote